print('Hello, World!')

I love to program. But there are definitely some things I wish I knew when I started.

Posted on 10.10.2017

I love to program. But there are definitely some things I wish I knew when I started. For example when I started I attempted to compile a JavaScript file, without using html or node.js. I'm pretty sure that I spent at least a week trying to get it to work.

Use git or some sort of version control

When I started I broke a lot of code.

My program ran without error. But whenever I tried to make changes to my code, it would stop running. As a beginner, it was really hard to troubleshoot. It was even harder to revert my code back to a working point.

The solution is quite simple. Find a way to back up code at any point and be able to revert back when something goes wrong (and it will). Sure you could just copy your directory multiple time, but that takes up space and time. But why don't we take it one step further? With Git and GitHub we will be able to save and revert our code. Additionally, we can store our code on GitHub and save our code remotely, allow other people to contribute.

Let's get started using git

First off sign up for GitHub

Once you have an account go ahead and create a new git repo. The create button is in the top right of your screen (by your profile picture). Click on that and then hit "Create Repository". Follow the steps, and then boom you have your first git repo.

Keep a list/repo of cool things you learn

As programmers, it is not possible to know everything.

That is why I recommend a repo/place dedicated to keeping notes on stuff you learn.

Such as a snippet like this:

function CoolCode (var Name){
  console.print(Name + " Is a good coder.");



Or like this

Hello, World!

prints 'Hello, World!' in Java.

public class HelloWorld {

  public static void main(String[] args){
    System.out.println("Hello, World!");



If i put this code into a repository I would be able to tell myself I am a good coder no matter what computer I and using. Of course you would probably use it for better, more deserving code.

Use an IDE (at least while you're starting)

Coding is hard enough as it is, so don't make it harder.

You may have heard about some text editors such as EMACS/Vim. I'm not going to argue about which you should use.

As a beginner, I recommend staying far away from these two. These editors have extremely huge learning curves and usually reap huge benefits. It is worth it to learn these but not when you're starting out.

While you are starting out I suggest using an IDE instead such as:

  • Visual Studio/VSCode
  • IntelliJ
  • Eclipse
  • PyBrains
  • Code::Blocks
  • NetBeans
  • Aptana Studio

This is just to name a few, there are a lot more and depending on what languages you will be using these may be the wrong one for you.

In Conclusion

Programming can be extremely difficult to learn, but if you do it right it can be really rewarding. Using these tips may help but how well/fast you learn to code is entirely up to how hard you work.

About me

My name is Avery Wagar, I am an xR and web developer. I have been programming for xR (VR/MR/AR) for the last six months.

I primarily develop xR games/apps in c# and Unity. But I know Python, Java, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.